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Stop muscle soreness and joint pain now.

ThermoFlow® is a natural health remedy that can reduce or eliminate your muscle soreness and joint pain. This restorative product uses natural Far-infrared rays to promote healing and wellbeing throughout your body. By stimulating your circulatory and lymphatic systems, ThermoFlow® helps eliminate pain chemicals released from damaged tissues, rejuvenating your entire body and restoring your natural health.



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Far infrared can't be seen with the naked eye

Next time your out on a bright sunny day when the air is cool or even cold, stand in the direct sunlight and feel the warm rays beaming down on you. The air isn't being warmed, yet you feel heat. The heat you feel is created when the rays of far infrared light enter your body.

Don't panic, you won't start glowing in the dark just from the thought that you are absorbing these "unseen" light rays. Although, it is quite amazing to discover how vitally important (FIR) is to bodily functions at the molecular level. Plus, the fact most life on the planet wouldn't do very well without it.

Think back to your school days and science class 101, remember the teacher drawing the diagram of an atom on the board, and the spiel about how all life matter is made up of uniquely arranged atoms grouping together to form molecules. I remember most of it. I just don't recall my teacher at the time mentioning that these molecules within us "dance" in a continuous cyclical vibration. Moving in unison like a perfect marching band.

Far infrared energizes your body

There is something really quite remarkable about the way far infrared increases the tempo of activity within the body. Your personal "marching band" of molecules will only accept far infrared rays if they are of the same intrinsic vibration frequency (8-14 microns) as themselves. So in other words if the far infrared is playing the right beat, your cells will absorb the (FIR) wave energy, and crank up the rhythm of the "dance".

Of course, all the members of your band atoms are now excited and starting to heat up. The (FIR) "Band Master Sergeant" has got everyone worked up and performing at a higher "vibration" level. That's when really good things start to happen within your body.

Does wearing ThermoFlow make you hot & sweaty?

On the contrary, wearing ThermoFlow far infrared garments can actually reduce localized heat felt at the surface level of the skin, thereby reducing the amount of perspiration.

For example, golfer's that wear ThermoFlow socks have told us taht their feet perspire less when they're out on the course. Here's why...

Think for a moment of the radiator in your car. What happens if the radiator cores become corroded and clogged up with gunk? Circulation of coolants is restricted, right. Now the "rad" surface begins to heat up (don't touch extremely hot)m just look at your temperature gauge. IT;s entered the "RED ZONE", this is not good!

If you were to have the things flushed and improve the internal circulation of the coolant, what would happen to the surface temperature of the radiator? Like you it would become cooler! 

Why should I use Thermoflow's Far Infrared products?

In summary, ThermoFlow's far infrared products not only warm the body, but also can activate bodily functions. In other words, it will enhance and energize your health. 

The choice is yours! ThermoFlow far infrared products contain the optimum balance of bio-ceramics to reflect maximum FIR into your body. Circulation increases, swelling is reduced, pain is relieved and overall performance is increased. ThermoFlow products have been clinically proven to work.

The warming effects of far infrared dilate your arteries, blood vessels and tiny capillaries. Circulation and metabolism dramatically increases. Basically, your "marching band" at the cellular level starts moving faster, kicking higher and more collectively. Every one of your little guys becomes more enthusiastic. Now you've got something to celebrate! But wait there's more, a lot more...

Rid your body of "Nasty" toxins

Now everyone wants in on the action. All members of your "atoms" band are strengthened, excited and rejuvenated by the leadership of the band master sergeant, "Sir Far Infarred".

O.K. it's a little over-the-top, but I'm sure you get the picture.

Anyhow, the warming effect of FIR can stimulate your metabolism, promoting the elimination of some really nasty toxins that accumulate in your cells. Such things as poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals, toxic substances from food processing, lactic acid, free fatty acids, uric acids and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue. 


To purchase Thermoflow products or see the full product line Click Here

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