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How are you arteries doing?  Are they healthy?  Chances are, you have no idea – most people don’t until your arteries send out a warning signal known as a heart attack. There’s no need to stay in the dark thanks to the BPro Pulse Wave Scanner.

Heart Attack survivorImproved Access
It used to be that the only way you could check up on your arteries was if your doctor referred you to a cardiologist who would administer a test. And that was after hanging out on a lengthy waiting list. But new technology is putting the power back in your hands. The BPro radial pulse scanner can be scheduled at your convenience, as often as you like and without the need for any symptoms or warning signs of any kind. You decide when it’s time for you to be concerned about your heart health, on your terms.

BPro wrist measurementA Simple Test
The BPro scan couldn't be easier. The special monitor is placed on your wrist (like a watch) and scans your arterial pulse over a period of time. It is tracking the rhythms of your pulse along with the pressure. The results of this measurement are automatically sent electronically to a Canadian Cardiologist for assessment. The cardiologist will consider the report and then, if there are any causes for concern, the doctor will inform you and your doctor along with recommendations ranging from changes to diet or lifestyle to immediate need for a personal appointment with a cardiologist.

Emergency Room Doctors Knowledge is Power
It’s likely you've experienced someone close to you having a heart attack. The story usually start with the person feeling a little under the weather and then suddenly they experience an excruciating pain in their chest. If they are lucky, and this is a good story, they get rushed to the hospital in time for the doctors to clear massive arterial blockages. What if you could discover those blockages before a frightening trip to the emergency room?  Checking on your arterial health yearly and starting that practice in your forties or fifties gives you the power of knowledge. If you live a life that is less than heart-healthy or you have a family history of heart conditions, then this knowledge should be extra comforting.

Now in Vancouver
While the BPro monitors can be found in select speciality medical facilities across Canada, there is one in Vancouver that is open to the public. You can book your appointment for a BPro scan at the conveniently located Marks Pharmacy at 3750 Oak St. The test costs only $45 and all it takes is one phone call to Marks at 604.731.8535 to schedule an appointment.


February is Heart Month. Why not honour your heart’s health by checking in on it and saying, ‘hey, how’re you doing?’ No matter what the answer is, you’ll be glad you asked!


Photo Credits: Heart Attack Survivor -  nitemistress, Emergency Room Doctors -  MilitaryHealth

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