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You may have noticed a lot of articles mentioning sleep studies this week – that’s because it’s Sleep Awareness Week. And with daylight savings time robbing an hour of it from us this weekend, it seems like a good time to review some tips on how to get a good sleep, naturally.

I hate waking up


A lot of people take sleep for granted and if they don’t get enough sleep they just put up with being tired. Wake up! A lack of sleep does more than hamper your mood. Studies show that sleep plays a key role in your overall wellbeing. To start with, poor sleep habits have been linked with weight gain which can, in turn, lead to obesity, diabetes and other health issues. A Norwegian study released earlier this week shows that people with bad sleep habits are more likely to suffer heart failure.  And if that’s not enough, another study found that sleep issues can actually alter your genes and leave you susceptible to auto-immune disease, stress and metabolic disorders.  Sleep is serious stuff!


hit the gym to sleep betterHit the Gym then Hit the Sheets

The National Sleep Foundation (of American) reports that exercise is the key to a better night’s sleep. In its survey they found that about ¾ of respondents who exercise regularly report good or very good sleep patterns. Even as much as 10 minutes of walking seems to do the trick in terms of getting a good night’s rest. But starting out with a new exercise regime can be a challenge to your muscles. To decrease the chance of sore muscles, use the power of far infrared energy. Thermoflow garments can be worn during exercise to increase blood flow and decrease feelings of cramping, inflammation and fatigue.  In addition, treating stiff muscles right after exercise with self-massage using the Marathon Stick will also increase circulation and decrease the muscle recovery time.  And, as a bonus, the increased blood flow from both will help relax the body to make falling asleep easier.


herbal homeopathic solutions for sleep problems

Herbal Help

There are many herbal options for those who struggle with being able to drift off to dreamland. Nite Eze is an all natural supplement that helps to reset your sleep-wake cycle which can be especially helpful if your schedule has been altered (like during daylight savings time).  It also promotes general relaxation and even calms restless legs.  For a homeopathic option look to Neurexan. This preparation calms nerves, eases stress and helps you fall asleep. It also helps to reduce daytime fatigue – so you have the energy to get to the gym.  Another herbal option is Avena Force which uses the mellow-inducing power of flowering oats.  This herb supports the nervous system and reduces feelings of exhaustion.  Sip this before bed and punch your passport to dreamland.


acupressure solution for snoringPeace and Quiet

If snoring is at the heart of your sleep problems, there are natural solutions. A snoring partner can wake you throughout the night but being the snorer can mean a fitful, restless night too. Either way, put an end to snoring without a prescription or giant, cumbersome contraptions.  The Antisnor Acupressure Ring sits on your pinky finger and puts mild pressure on the exact spot that will stimulate an area of the brain to stop snoring from happening. This non-invasive option is adjustable to any finger size for total comfort.  Another natural solution for those who snore is the TSD.  TSD stands for ‘tongue stabilizing device’ and what it does is simply sit on the tip of the tongue to make snoring impossible.  It has been clinically proven to be effective in treating sleep disordered breathing like snoring and to reduce sleep apnea too.

Natural Solutions for better sleepGet Happy, Sleep Better

Many people who suffer from anxiety and stress don’t notice it until they are lying in bed at night with a million thoughts keeping them awake.  If stress, anxiety, depression or mood disorders keep you awake, getting to sleep is critical because being tired will only exacerbate the problem. 5-HTP naturally occurs in the body but for some, additional supplementation is required. This amino acid triggers chemicals needed for happiness and sleep including serotonin and melatonin.  Used often to treat mild depression, this natural product can also help to ease a troubled mind and support good sleep habits.  Tryfonia Max contains 5-HTP derived from the Griffonia seed and also helps to improve mood, alleviate anxiety and insomnia.

We all may be losing an hour of sleep this weekend but if you’ve been losing several hours on a regular basis, don’t wait to deal with your sleep problem. A lack of sleep can be the base problem for a lot of health concerns so catch those zzz's now and you’ll stay vital longer.


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