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Few medical exams illicit as much dread as the colonoscopy. And yet, a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine suggest that depending on the age group, between 23 – 39% of colonoscopies are unnecessary. Avoid falling into these statistics by achieving optimal colon health.

the danger of colonoscopy includes anasthaesia

The Danger of Colonoscopies

Many people disregard the dangers of a colonoscopy because the procedure is so common. The reality is that damage to the wall of the colon such as perforations or tears are a concern during the procedure, as are the risks of being under a general anaesthesia.  However, American research by the National Cancer Institute says approximately 143,000 of colo-rectal cancer are diagnosed every year with an estimated one third of those cases being fatal. So, it’s important to weigh the risks with your doctor and family.  Or, better yet, keep your colon healthy and avoid having to make the decision.


Chia Powder is full of fibre and good for colon healthReduce the Risk with Roughage

Good old roughage. Most of us know that a diet rich in fiber is a great way to ensure a healthy colon. This includes eating lots of legumes, cooked green veggies, whole grains and dried fruit. To increase the roughage, try topping up morning cereal or thickening soups with Chia Powder. Chia is a super food that’s full of fibre and a great way to improve your digestive health (and even lower cholesterol). But let’s be honest – if you aren’t the type to blend up a fibre-rich smoothie or sit down to a plate of steamed kale and lentils – you need to supplement your fibre intake to ensure optimal colon health. FIBER-rific is just as the name suggests – a terrific way to get the fiber you need (without having to hold your nose at the dinner table).


good digestion is part of colon healthGut Reaction

Good digestion is the first step in having optimal colon health. What you eat and when you eat all play a role in how well your digestive system can function.  But there are also a couple of natural

ways to help the stomach do its job.  The stomach needs a perfect balance of digestive enzymes and healthy bacteria to keep things moving.  If you are prone to feeling bloated, gassy or experience indigestion or if you have a diet that is mostly cooked or full of processed foods, you’ll likely find that supplementing your diet with a supplement like Digest Gold will help to break down your food better and faster.  This is one of the most powerful enzyme supplements on the market that not only helps digestion but will increase the amount of nutrients you absorb from the food you eat.


Another great way to improve digestion is with active probiotic cells – the more live cells the better!  Udo’s Super Adult Probiotics has 12 billion active cells all going to work on your stomach’s microflora.  That may not sound like something you want going on in your gut, but with a healthy microflora, you’ll digest carbohydrates, fat and proteins quickly while fighting off unwanted, disease causing microbes and pathogens.


flax seed oilClear the Path

There are a lot of reasons that moving your bowels may be difficult.  We’ve addressed several ways to avoid constipation and keep the digestive system working but you want to also focus on the colon too. One thing to think about is reducing inflammation.  Flax seeds are a great way to increase your fibre intake but one of the side benefits is that flax seed oil is an excellent way to reduce inflammation.  CLA is another natural option many people don’t think about for colon health. Not only does it aid in digestion and reduce inflammation, studies also suggest it might be effective in reducing colon cancer cells.


If things are feeling chronically plugged up, it might be time for a system flush. A colon cleanse is not for everyone but for many it is kind of like rebooting your computer. Bioxy Cleanse is a colon detoxifying and cleansing formula that clears out the gastrointestinal tract, colon and arteries.  It uses the power of oxygen to clear out the system. Many people find that a colon cleanse like this one eases bloating, nausea and general digestive discomfort. It can also relieve constipation, aid in weight loss and revitalize energy levels.


Talking about your colon health can be uncomfortable

Due Respect

It’s easy to ignore the colon – most of us don’t want to think about it or are too polite to talk about it. However, the colon is a big part of our overall health and it’s something that we don’t want to take for granted.  If you are experiencing issues around digestion, constipation or are seeing blood in your stools, don’t delay in seeing your doctor.  Otherwise, show your colon some respect by taking advantage of these natural solutions for optimal colon health.



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