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Stop muscle soreness and joint pain now.

ThermoFlow® is a natural health remedy that can reduce or eliminate your muscle soreness and joint pain. This restorative product uses natural Far-infrared rays to promote healing and wellbeing throughout your body. By stimulating your circulatory and lymphatic systems, ThermoFlow® helps eliminate pain chemicals released from damaged tissues, rejuvenating your entire body and restoring your natural health.



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retired in Florida



There’s a reason that so many people want to be snow-birds in Canada. Arthritic joint pain can be exacerbated by the cold, damp winter weather and that’s enough to leave those afflicted craving warmer climes. No need to sell the farm and move to Florida – there are natural ways to get relief that don’t require a plane ticket.



Mussels and Spice

green lipped mussels from new zealand for arthritsIf you were going to get on a plane, you should go to India and New Zealand. That is where two of the best natural remedies for arthritis originate from. India is known for its cuisine and one of the most popular spices is turmeric. For centuries, Ayurvedic doctors have been using turmeric to treat inflammation and stiff joints. Thanks to Curamin, you don’t have to have a steady diet of curries to get the benefits of turmeric.  Another healing food discovery was found in green lipped mussels which are a popular traditional food for the aboriginal people of New Zealand (who also happen to have a very low rate of arthritis). Scientists have discovered that these mussel help alleviate swelling and pain in arthritic joints. These healing properties have been extracted and formulated into Maori Miracle, a topical cream that eases arthritic suffering. Both worldly solutions are available right here in North America - no need to endure a long flight!


chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate for arthritis


The Power Combo

Speaking of international approaches, a study done in Switzerland in 2011 showed that patients with arthritis in their hands found significant pain relief and a marked improvement in mobility by taking Chondroitin Sulfate. This news can easily be combined with the previously discovered benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate for treating arthritis, stiff and swollen joints, and general achiness.  This makes Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine Sulfate together a power combo for relieving arthritic symptoms naturally.



Thermoflow for arthritic pain reliefCirculation is Key

Treating any type of inflammation requires good blood circulation. If you don’t have blood making it to the afflicted area, the swelling and stiffness will continue or increase. One of the best ways to improve circulation is through far infra-red energy.  Thermoflow is a line of garments made with ceramic impregnated fabric. Why would you want ceramic impregnated fabric? Because it reflects the body’s natural far infra-red energy back into the body so that it can go back to work improving circulation, reducing swelling and relieving pain.  The best part about the Thermoflow product line is that you can target the area of arthritic discomfort by selecting a garment specifically for that body part, like gloves or knees bands.


SAMe better than Celebrex for arthritis pain


SAMe vs. Celebrex for Arthritis Treatment

Celebrex is a brand name Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug that is often prescribed for arthritis sufferers.  However, many people prefer to take a natural approach and the supplement SAMe appears to be a good alternative. A study conducted at the University of California (Irvine) found that while it took longer to take effect, SAMe was equally as effective as the prescription drug Celebrex. Both come with side effect cautions – Celebrex appears to increase chances of heart attack or stroke while SAMe can act as a depressant, cause nightmares or abdominal discomfort.



fresh fish oil for arthritis painLubricate for Pain Freedom

Much like a mechanical joint, human joints need lubrication. Your body’s oil can comes in the form of fish oil tablets. Fish oil supplements, like Mighty Omega, are packed with essential fatty acids that the body converts into an anti-inflammatory chemical called resolvin D2. Reducing inflammation helps joints to move more freely with less pain. And, as an added bonus to mobility and pain-freedom, fish oils also aid heart, bone, eye and brain health while supporting the immune system.


With so many natural options available, heading south for the winter can be all about having a vacation instead of a quest for arthritic relief.



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