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Stop muscle soreness and joint pain now.

ThermoFlow® is a natural health remedy that can reduce or eliminate your muscle soreness and joint pain. This restorative product uses natural Far-infrared rays to promote healing and wellbeing throughout your body. By stimulating your circulatory and lymphatic systems, ThermoFlow® helps eliminate pain chemicals released from damaged tissues, rejuvenating your entire body and restoring your natural health.



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Vacation in the sunIf escaping the winter is in your near future, make sure to pack the right natural products to ensure that you can enjoy the sunshine.

The Stressfulness of De-Stressing

It’s a bit ironic the amount of stress ‘getting away from it all’ can cause. Whether its personal safety, finding your way, keeping track of your things, catching flights or keeping the family entertained – vacations come with a certain amount of stress. Studies have shown that stress can weaken your immune system leaving you vulnerable to the viruses and germs that you are bound to encounter along the way. So while it may seem like overkill to take along a natural supplement to help you relax, it could be the key ingredient in keeping you healthy. Chill Pills are just that.  These all natural herbal supplements will help you stay calm in stressful situations but won’t make you feel foggy or tired. And, they are non-addictive so when the positive effects of lapping waves and tropical drinks have you mellow, you can put them away until it’s time to make the journey home again.

Hiking during vacation may lead to dehydrationEmergency Avoidance

EmergenC is one of the best things to stash in your travel health kit. These tiny little packets travel well and are full of immune boosting goodness. The obvious ingredient is vitamin C which is essential for keeping your immune system fully functioning along with several other essential vitamins. Plus, these packets contain electrolytes. Another option for electrolytes is Hydralyte – which also comes in a convenient packet. Whether it is the hot weather, a lack of access to clean water or lost water due to stomach flu or diarrhea, sometimes you just can’t get enough water. Electrolytes in water help to super charge the re-hydration process leading to a speedy recovery. Taking either of these proactively will help you avoid a hydration emergency all together.

Mexican FoodWonderfully Exotic Foods

Part of the reason we travel is so that we can skip the cooking and cleaning as well as try new and exotic foods. However, that can sometimes come with a cost that often translates to extra time on the toilet. To keep your digestive system happy, put probiotics to work before you hit the road. Probiotics are live microorganisms that the stomach needs to maintain a bacterial balance. When traveling you are bound to meet up with some foreign bacteria that your body is not used to. Probiotics are there for the fight – to take on those strange bacteria and keep that perfect balance in your gastro-intestinal system. We recommend Udo’s Super Adult Probiotics because it has 9 unique strains of healthy bacteria, is specially formulated to take on bacterial infections and improves your immune system while decreasing inflammation.

Oil of Oregano should be in every vacation medical kitDon’t Forget Your Oil

There was a time when a reminder to bring your oil on a sunny getaway meant suntan oil. We know better now, but you should still remember you oil – Oil of Oregano. The truth is that this natural remedy doesn’t taste great – but the results are worth it. Oil of Oregano will come in handy on your trip 5 times over. Start by taking it before you get on a plan. It will help with any sinus congestion you might have (which can be very painful on take-off and landing) plus it will strengthen your immune system in preparation for the germs that you may encounter while on board. Once at your destination, if extra activity has you sore, reach again for the Oil of Oregano to help decrease joint and muscle stiffness. Got an itchy bite or encounter some tropical skin infection? Use Oil of Oregano along with some pure Coconut Oil and apply it topically to take away redness and itchiness. Having tummy trouble – you guessed it; Oil of Oregano is your answer for digestive issues too.  It’s a heck of a lot of prevention and treatment in one little bottle.

Wherever your travels take you, be sure to pack these natural remedies to avoid sickness ruining your time in the sun.


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